Thursday, June 23, 2016

Erotic Thai Temple Murals

Thai temple murals typically depict episodes from the Buddha's life or his former lives as described in the Jataka Tales, but to make them relevant to local people many contain scenes from contemporary village life. Some of these scenes are humorous, bawdy, and occasionally somewhat erotic in nature.
Women and female celestials in Thai temple murals often have gravity-defying, melon-like breasts, and are sometimes depicted topless. This isn't really surprising as in former times some village women didn't bother to cover their breasts. 
Mural detail of the whispering lover at Phumin Temple

Mural detail of women terrified by a crocodile.

Mural detail of reclining women.

Mural detail of Hanuman from the Ramakian.

Mural detail of a man being beaten by his wife. 
Mural detail of a crowd grasping at an unhappy woman.
Mural detail of two women having fun.

Source: Sacred Siam, Kamavijitra Erotic Art Museum

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